Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ [incl. 60 min bonus voice!] poster
Updated 2016-11-17
Developer Fuurindo
Language jap
Version 1.0.3

Kuroki Inori ~Meikoku no Meluluna~ [incl. 60 min bonus voice!]

* Ver1.0.8b


* Update schedule (5+ ecchi events to be added)

* Trial version (compatible with full version)

(Copy save data from the trial "save" folder to the corresponding full version)

Bonus: includes the COMPLETE voice product "Watch Out For Heatstroke"
CV: Shiki Asagi


* Story

A young girl collapsed in the woods is adopted by a wizard.

The girl becomes the wizard's disciple-----

Falling into corruption dark fantasy style.

[ Organized into two parts: Loli ver. and Young girl ver. (multiple endings) ]


* Systems

- battle damage destroys clothes
- battle dialogue proceeds automatically (separate window)
- you can control character freely during battle dialogue
- change battle difficulty any time
- save any time (even during messages and choices)
- replay room included (after the ending you can roll back before a branching path)
(after the true ending you will unlock all content)
- auto mode, high speed skip, backlog, fast battle, dash, hide window options
- internal & external cumshots, shy experience, etc. countdowns
- compatible with USB controller
- keyboard config options
- item & monster guides / quest book included

+ Battle system (command-based + QTE)


* Ecchi scenes & genres

Sleep sex / comatose
Ovulation or "safe" day options
Failure scenes against minor enemies
Assault / violation
Plump belly / pregnant sex (slight)
Ecchi scenes with subcharacters (whore, oneshota, animalize, blackmail)
Happy ending (consensual) etc


* Contents & credits

20+ base CGs (incl. subcharacters)
Battle scene variations
BGM, plugins, materials etc. from various sources
Special thanks to providers of materials

Full acknowledgments are noted in the trial and full versions.

Created with RPG Tkool MV

Contains content also found in RE181935; please take note.

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