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Updated 2020-04-19
Developer peperoncino  
Version 200120]
Rip by mikocon



The bride and groom smiling peacefully at each other...
What if you could come between them, take away the bride's bridal night,
rape the beautiful newly-wed wife, and corrupt her in pleasure?

You are a bishop who blesses marriages.
Using the right of the "First Night," have your way with the bodies of 10 newlywed heroines.

Beautiful graphics, background voices, and erotic sound effects.
Develop the lewdly drawn heroines into your very own slave...!

Climb the social ladder as a priest in this simulation game.

*Create your own hunting ground!*

Develop land and create your own community.
Your village becomes a town, and then a capital...

People who come to find a better life are your livestock.
Lure in heroines by developing your skill as the landlord!

*Gather troops and head to battle!*

Once you gather enough people, hire them as soldiers to protect your land.
However, simply being on the defensive is not fun.
Send your troops to their graves on [holy wars] to invade enemy territory.

Certain heroines may appear when your relationship with other nations becomes worse...

*Lure heroines into marriage!*

The protagonist is a bishop who serves God.
So, guiding couples into marriage is your job.

Listen to the words of the heroines
and help them achieve the marriage of their dreams!

And when the day of their marriage comes...

Use your right as a priest!
Before the newlyweds enjoy their first time, bless the bride with your seed!

*Holy judgment on cocky heroines!*

The protagonist is God's representative.
Anyone who is presumptuous is a sinful bitch.

Show them no mercy.
Judge them as heretics and give them sexual punishment!

Outcasted from the holy land, a bishop is demoted and relocated to the countryside.
With three allies, he ventures on a road of NTR.
Plant your seed in a total of 10 heroines...

"Virgin Lode 2", a city development & heroine NTR game is here now!!

Download VIRGIN LODE 2 from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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