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Updated 2020-03-19
Developer Slime Special
Rip by anime-sharing

Carnaval del Diablo ~The Carnival of Demons~

Young noblewoman Illumina was kidnapped and imprisoned in the Demon Castle.
Stripped of her possessions along with her freedom, the girl was on the brink of despair.

Thanks to a particularly mischievous guard, she received some demonic semen.
This awakened her latent sorcery, and she gained the ability to use magic.
With enough semen, she might even be able to defeat the Demon King herself. And so,
with GREAT reluctance, she sets out to have relations with as many demons as she can.

The Demon King's resurrection is 20 days away...
Can Illumina defeat him, escape, and save the Empire?

A game about defeating the Demon King and escaping his castle within 20 (in-game) days.
Each day allows for 4 actions -- search, synthesize, work, or rest -- but if Illumina gets overworked,
she'll need to rest for a whole day.

The ending changes depending on your actions over this 20 day period!
Change her S and M levels by working, and the H scenes change to match!


- 9 different endings!
Depending on certain parameters, the ending will change!
(The shorts ending takes only 5 minutes to get! Go ahead and challenge the Demon King at the start!)

- Fetish System
Change Illumina's sexual attributes by working different jobs.
S, Normal, and M statuses will change the H scenes in different ways,
and the jobs Illumina can undertake will get more extreme, too...

- Safe Day System
If it's not a safe day and Illumina's partner cums inside her,
she may be in danger of getting pregnant with a demon's child...!

- Virginity
If Illumina protects her purity, receives the blessing of god,
and defeats the Demon King, you'll get... the true ending?

- Item Synthesis
Combine items found in your searches to create secret, more powerful objects!

- Costumes
Create new outfits via item synthesis. They may even change Illumina's stats...

- Special Event
Clear the game under certain circumstances, and a special event may occur!

40 base CGs
37 H scenes
14 different costumes
Includes a gallery mode
9 different endings
Fully-voiced H scenes
Features fast text scrolling, adjustable sound (BGM/SFX), scene skip, and gallery mode

- Demon blowjobs
- Creampies in a virgin
- Huge loads
- Masochistic anal ejaculation
- Full-body bukakke
- Tentacle rape
- Demon shota's first ejaculation
- Birthing a demon's child
- Dominatrix watersports
- Footjobs
- Huge titjobs
- Blindfolded facials
- Threesomes
- Hypnosis
- Demon gang rape
- Prostitution
- Succubus transformation
- And more! Scenes change depending on S, M, or Normal status!

Planning, Production: Slime Special
Scenario: Fes (Main), Yona Asari (Adult)
CV: Yuka Hinata
Illustration: @A-ko/PROSEED/SRMSK

- Created using RPG Maker MV ver. 1.6.2.
- Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.
- Data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the commercial version.

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