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Updated 2018-01-16
Developer M.GAMES
Size 146mb
Language eng
Version 1.06
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The Almeria 5th Knights

* ver.1.06

Presenting the 5th ecchi RPG from M.GAMES

You are Rose. Craft items, manage food resources and strengthen your team.
The final goal is to subjugate the monster and herald victory for the 5th Knights.
But there's much more she can do, as a powerful fighter and a woman......
everything is up to the player.

* Multiple route and endings
--- Virgin route is 5-star difficulty (it has unique ecchi for Chacha (loli girl) if you play this way!)
--- Slave route is 1-star difficulty (recommended for a first playthrough, with exhibition fetish)
--- NTR route is 3-star difficulty (enjoy the changing heart of Rose; warning, pregnancy scene!)

24 CG event base images + pose art + multiple variations
22 ecchi scenes + extra

What appears to be a success story of weak knights rising up to defeat an evil power,
is really about complicated human relationships.
Please be aware that while there are several ecchi scenes for Rose and Chacha,
there are no none relating to "battle failure" or "enemy capture".

* Systems
--- Positioning side view battle
--- Dungeon exploration
--- Unlockable events (replayable from gallery room)
--- Dignity/degradation meter
--- Item crafting
--- Food management

Rumor has it there's a special ecchi event you can only get with the Rebellion ending......
(Not available in the trial version)

... Plus too many features to list here

Save data can be transferred to the full game!
Check out the free trial to confirm compatibility and start your knights journey.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

For details and screenshots please visit:


The Almeria 5th Knights screenshotThe Almeria 5th Knights screenshotThe Almeria 5th Knights screenshot

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