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Updated 2018-01-26
Version 1.01
Developer M.GAMES
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
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1.99 (672)

Kurea Bitch Project

M.GAMES presents the 3rd playable ecchi RPG!

Adventuring girl "Kurea" is a debt slave trying to buy her way back to freedom.
Help her collect money by any means: kill enemies, find and sell items,
or prostitute her. There's a high degree of freedom to this game.
Naturally there will be lots of sex on her road to redemption.
Or will she become an even bigger sex slave...?

10 hours of gameplay if you unlock all endings at a normal pace.
You can speed run or grind (haha) for cash and finish sooner.
Or relax and take it slow (haha) for a prolonged good time.

Lots of game systems
- DEPRAVITY METER tracks stats in terms of how lewd Kurea becomes.
- TURNING POINT system lets you know when you make a choice that will change the game ending.
You won't have to start over after you get one ending, you can just come back to the turning point
and make a different choice.
- BATTLE EFFECTS are displayed in changes to the pose art.
- FOLLOWUP SYSTEM lets you combo up rather than wait for your battle move to finish. Time the button
press correctly and you can boost your damage, status, etc., and hit 3 or 4 times.
- SPECIAL ECCHI MOVES with cutscene CGs.
- TIMESAVER encounter mode with AUTO BATTLE
- COLOR CODED enemy names reveal their HP status
- CRITICALS and WEAK POINTS (classic RPG features)

Lots of pornography
18 base images, over 120 total incl. poses, cutscene CGs, variations
16 types of sex scenes + mini ecchi events

Go to the Tavern to talk and play ecchi mini games
Go to Shisho's House to level up your powers
Go to the Post Station to accept random quests
Go to the Gentleman's Club to offer your services
and more locations

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates
* Check out the trial version to confirm compatibility

Kurea Bitch Project screenshotKurea Bitch Project screenshotKurea Bitch Project screenshot

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