Dark Elf Historia poster
Updated 2016-07-23
Developer ONEONE1
Version 1.01

Dark Elf Historia

* Genre
An R-18 multi-story RPG with 7 endings
* Price
1800 yen (plus tax)

* Contents
74 core works
= 40 core CGs (850+ variations)
+ 24 mid-battle animations
+ 10 battle animations & battle actions
* Multiple endings = 7
* Instant death command: yes
* Nude/clothes command: yes
* Voice: yes
* Gallery/replay mode: yes
* Virgin endgame possible: yes

* Diverse partners & situations for "the first time"
Human or monster, effusive romance or heartless violation,
how and to whom you lose your virginity can happen in many ways.
Will it be a traumatic interspecies happening? Your true love?

* A multi-story arc with 7 outcomes
Can you achieve the virgin ending by going the "pure route"?
Will you commit crimes for the boy you love and go the "criminal route",
ending in tragic sexual objectification?

Your allegiance to Lantocity Guild (pure) or Guiltia Guild (criminal)
will affect the dungeons and events you see -- or don't see!

With oneshota, NTR, and scenes of cuckoldry outside the heroine's story.
And more!

* Fully loaded with the RPG features you demand
Scene replay + CG replay access
Window toggle, message skip, fast forward, and more
Difficulty options
Voice ON/OFF option
Battle animation ON/OFF option
Hints and walkthrough (with flowchart!)
Jump option for 2nd+ viewings of H scenes
Normal, fast and skip options for H scenes

Whenever you get lost, check the status screen mission for where to go next
(or consult the walkthrough)!

Use the convenient "Teleport Stone" item after you complete a dungeon!
(Same effect as the "Teleport" magic unlocked at level 10.)

For more details, please visit the ONEONE1 official site.

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Includes RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (no separate download required).
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

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