A game to try to live freely as a married woman who is bored in everyday life poster
Updated 2022-06-18
Developer Kamitsumaki
Language original
Total size 392mb
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A game to try to live freely as a married woman who is bored in everyday life

Original title: 日常に退屈している人妻となって自由に生活してみるゲーム

Transformed into a married woman who has more sexual desire than others?
Rape, exposure, gangbang ...Let's experience the etch of the passive by inviting!!
... But the game goes in an unexpected direction....

【Game Story】
Newlywed couple full of happiness.
Ayaka and Yuichi lived their daily lives as a general newlyweds.

However, Ayaka had a complaint that Yuichi could never say‥‥
She had been plagued by strong sexual desire and exposure desire more than others
Ayaka, who reached the limit of Gaman, wears clothes with a lot of exposure, and gets on a crowded train.
I want to be molested ... I want to be seen with obscene eyes…
The exposure desire of Ayaka to become more and more radical

The desire does not stop affair etch, molester special training to naive virgin
Other than a loving husband, Ayaka's etch hole is dedicated ....

【Passive etch experience of female perspective】
Let's enjoy exposure and etch with Ayaka's eyes!
With a sense of realism that directly feels the change of her thoughts and emotions
Experience the unique situation of Ayaka of De M that sexual desire can not be suppressed!

Examples of passive sex situations unique to women
Example 1.I want to feel the gaze of the other person who is peeping
    Put a pinhole camera in the pants, try to peep from here to reverse the line of sight of the man who is peeping
Example 2.Older Sister Naughty Guide
    Inviting a molester against a quiet young man
Example 3.Reverse Cuckold of temptation
    To reverse the newlywed husband who moved next door

Extreme theory.I want to fall to the place where I fall as a slave as a woman ....

The voice of Ayaka's heart that excitement does not stop at the indecent gaze of men by exposure!
I feel it from the core of the body to the etch of the passive if it is molested ....
Being gangbanged, guilt to her husband will increase her sensitivity more!

[Extraordinary of a perverted married woman with strong libido]
Ostensibly a good housewife, everyday to enjoy the exposure and passive molester at the time of the day when her husband went to work

○ At home, plan the exposure of the limit to the extent that it does not spoil life
 Go shopping with a mini scanno bread, or receive a delivery service in underwear‥‥
 Desire can not be suppressed, exposure will escalate!

○ You can show off the moves and the inside of the skirt in the train, or try to put the chest‥‥
 The men who were shown can not return Ayaka for free!
 Of course it develops into molester playすす?
 Forced handjob, train standing back creampie, finally be taken to the hotel‥‥ 

○ Bring back the semen that was put out in hand, and masturbation with it, and hold out the etch hole that is still being molested inside out to her husband‥‥
 Hentai play will accelerate

[Rapid development!Subdue the Inma]
An extra game that suddenly rushes in!
Was there a reason to be so horny!?
A town where the hands of the devil of the Inma are approaching‥‥
ayaka was chosen as the only person to fight them!
Head to the abandoned love hotel where the imma lives!fight!the chosen one, ayaka!

<Battle rules of Etch RPG>
1.A combat method to attack with exposure action!
  Pants exposure flipping the skirt, bra exposure flipping the shirt, tits exposure, open leg genitals exposure!
  These feelings of shame become an attack, and give damage to the opponent!

2.Attack power changes with the embarrassment of exposure!
  Ayaka attacks the enemy by making full use of various exposures!
  The more embarrassing the exposure, the more powerful the attack!







例1 .覗き見ている相手の視線を感じてみたい
例2 .お姉さんエッチ指南
例3 .誘惑の逆寝取り










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