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Updated 2023-03-26
Developer one kill time
Language original
Total size 588mb
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Cuckold Depraved Hime -Noble She Used〜

Original title: 寝取られ堕落ヒメ 〜高貴な彼女は使用済み〜

The main character of a commoner who is close to Princess Fresia, the royal family of his country, since he met her at a young age.
He was supposed to work in the castle as a janitor, but he accidentally found a magic mark."You can see the events that were happening in that room", such magic.
The video that I saw was a scene where a woman who was threatened was raped.
It was a perverted scene that the woman being raped was also pleased somewhere.
i don't want fresia to see this.I don't want to show this to her, who is growing up and always has a good posture and straight, yet strangely childish.I want you to remain pure.
Thinking so, he starts to move to find all this magic.
In the unlikely event that she will not see anything like this.

When it is her that is being fucked, I do not notice.

〜 Game Introduction〜
It is a search game to find the mysterious magic that was captured odious images.
The goal is to click on the screen to explore the room and look for the magic imprint.
During the search, the screen will show the state of the girl in a separate room.You can see what she is doing while she is working seriously or exploring for her.
As you click, the time progresses, and the number of turns it takes to discover the desired one changes the subsequent deployment and ending.

- Character introduction〜

A commoner man who has no particular place to stand out, except for being good friends with a princess in his own country.
It is a cold personality that is common in young people, but it is decent enough to be able to work properly if it is for what I thought was important.I want clean things to stay clean, and if there are bad things, I try to distance them beforehand.
It would have been a little easier if I could doubt that something beautiful was really beautiful.

A girl who is a princess of a certain country and is good friends with the main character.He has since become more friendly and friendly with his friend, who has since become more open to the idea of a hero.
He thinks that he prefers a proper way of life, and he himself is honest and honest.Most things can be done to support the country.
Specifically, we have not yet told anyone what we are doing for the country.
Not yet.

~ Contents (It is part of the following that is recorded in the trial version) ~
-Chi po flattery in acting → Become serious and vacuum blowjob
-While talking to the hero, raw saddle mass cum shot so as not to barre
-Pie blowjob while Shiko the nipple that was full erection in nipple torture yourself
- Sex while comparing the decamara that is always saddle with the crude Chi ○ of the hero
-Shaking the Huge tits and Heko waist your service sex
                            And so on……

~Operating environment~
[Supported OS] Win8/Win7/Vista
[CPU] Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or more processor 512MB or more 960×640 pixels or more displayable models
[Memory] 512MB or more
[Display] Models that can display more than 960×640 pixels

※ I'm sorry, but please confirm that it works properly in the trial version.

If you have any feedback, bug reports, questions, etc., please go to the following.









【対応OS】 Win8/Win7/Vista
【CPU】 インテルCore™ Duo 1.83GHz以上のプロセッサー512MB以上 960×640画素以上表示可能な機種
【メモリ】 512MB以上
【ディスプレイ】 960×640画素以上表示可能な機種



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