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Updated 2014-08-22
Developer seismic
Language jap
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Ripped by: Unknown

Sweet Mami

Top quality Cel-shaded 3D animation!
Mami (Puella Magi M*doka M*gica)

Beautiful cartoon-style effects blended with realistic 3D motion.

Breast sex, 3 positions, cum inside vagina, bukkake options!

The longer she humps the hornier she gets.

- "Soul Gem" system
Cum into and disgrace Mami for greater impurity with each splurge...!
The dirtier she gets, more perverted her lust becomes.
Let's clean her up periodically with Glyph Seed.

- "Mami Strip" system
Before you have sex, you can choose her level of nudity.
You can also crank her exhibitionist lewdness way up!

CV: Anna Uduki

Sweet Mami screenshotSweet Mami screenshotSweet Mami screenshot

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