Punishment Journal: Alice poster
Updated 2018-07-29
Developer seismic
Language jap
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2.02 (448)

Punishment Journal: Alice

"My punishment has no effect to them...?"
I thought it was an easy job to be a supervisor of half-criminals in a reformatory school, with a task to pat girls on the butt. But it turned out that these girls find pleasure in the spank and it adds nothing to their rehabilitation! Well, they may need tougher correction... and I picked up a girl named Alice for my first target.

Seismic presents the second book for adults, filled with very beautiful animations!
Erotic and cute Alice is fully voiced by Phan Masaki! Let's start giving a naughty punishment!

Punishment Journal: Alice screenshotPunishment Journal: Alice screenshotPunishment Journal: Alice screenshot

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