kuma*magi poster
Updated 2012-11-01
Developer seismic
Language jap


A teenie magical loli with bearcat ears is violated by beary baddies..!
She precociously slips on vibrator, double c*cks, throat c*ck, plus piss and creampie scenes!

Follow the story of adorable Kumako!

*** High quality hand-drawn ANIME and 3D cel shaded ANIME ***

CV: Rei Tsukimiya

Soul G*m System:
Coax her pleasure reponses, with controllable
"rebellious" and "obedient" setting!!

Naked Bear System:
Strip and comical ecchi animation!!
Choose a public spot and remove her garments
for tantalizing, hip writhing erotic scenes!!

Other great stuff:
High quality opening movie sequence!!
Different poses with the click of a button!!
Autoplay and random options!!

kuma*magi screenshotkuma*magi screenshot

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