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Updated 2011-11-28
Developer seismic
Size 1gb
Language jap
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Ripped by: Unknown

Sweet Mami 2

Sweet Mami is back! The ill-fated magical girl
is alone with just you in her sweets-filled bedroom. She's
so lonely ever since becoming a magical girl...
Cheer up her spirit and body with your c*ck!!

If you love touching breasts, if you love being groped...
If you love cheesecake, and creampies in a busty schoolgirl...
This quality 3D cel-style anime is recommended!

- "Mami Strip" system ("don't soil my clothes!")
Take off her clothes piece by piece. Enjoy her in delicates, or fully nude!
Plus your intimate treatment might just change how she has sex...

- "Charlotte-chan" ("this girl must have been really hungry")
There's some mysterious animal in Mami's room!
The smell of Mami's cheesecake must have lured it!
It's dangerous! Dekopin!!

Sweet Mami 2 screenshotSweet Mami 2 screenshotSweet Mami 2 screenshot

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