Summer, With Nieces. poster
Updated 2016-08-10
Developer Gear Stone Software
Language jap
Version 1.03

Summer, With Nieces.

* Story
It was my first homecoming in 5 years.
My two nieces had grown up beautifully.

We gradually became reacquainted,
and the burdens of my life dissipated like clouds in the sun.

My mind returns often to that time...

That summer----------------
Those good days with my nieces.

* System
Choose locations on the map and trigger events.
Osawari Mode allows you interact with "touching".

It's possible to mistake their mood and "mistake",
but messages and the status screen provide reference
for success and a deeper intimacy.

Animated interaction
No voice acting

* Notes
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

* Official site

Summer, With Nieces. screenshotSummer, With Nieces. screenshotSummer, With Nieces. screenshot

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