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Updated 2019-07-28
Developer 305 LABO

Kodoku the Successor

Everyone is the successor to something.
In a corner of the world, you meet a particularly special young girl...

It's 9 years after the conclusion to a war that swept the continent.
On the outskirts of a depopulated village lives a young man.
Once again, today he makes his way to the ruins of a laboratory to make a living.
Until today he had obeyed his father's command...
...but no one was going to stop him now.

An RPG with turn-based battles feature QTE inputs
Difficulty can be adjusted and all battles can be retried

-Sex scenes-

Over 25 scenes (not including variations) with Live2D animation!

-Before purchasing-
This game was made using WOLF RPG Editor. Please confirm the demo version works for you before buying.
The demo version includes the opening and 2 sex scenes. Save data can be carried over to the retail version.
The QTE system is necessary for system reasons. There isn't a no-QTE mode.
Includes some slightly scary scenes and scenes featuring cruelty.

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