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Updated 2016-07-22
Developer t japan
Language jap

2.25 (803)


Somehow without my realizing, the girl I liked for all those years had become a man-eating sexpot.

Summer vacation.
Ordinary protagonist Youta (virgin) found himself making out with his childhood friend Rio (non-vigin)...
"Do you like doing it with me...? I'll take it off for you..."
Youta was bewildered. It was his first time, but certainly not hers. He put himself in her capable hands.

3DCG full voice, full animation with cel shade rendering.

4 angles for each looping anime
Fellatio (2 motions) / breast massage / nipple suck /
missionary / side style / legs overs shoulders / manguri gaeshi /
face to face sitting / girl on top / standing from behind (2 motions)
(finishing orgasms are oral cumshot, bukkake/exterior cumshot, internal cumshot x 2)

24fps animation speed
960x540 movie size, 1024x768 app display size
WMV video, OGG audio format

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* If an error is encountered, please ensure you have updated
to the latest versions of Windows Media Player, DirectX, .NET Framework, etc.

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