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Updated 2022-12-14
Language original
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i'm getting pregnant!Doero life - Are you pregnant more than 1000 girls?~

Original title: 妊娠むそう!ドエロ生活 ~あなたは女の子1000人以上を妊娠させられる?~


-H OK even for viewing purposes of the anime part!(List menu release of all erotic anime from the beginning)
・ While advancing by 1 day, the growth of the heroine's step-by-step words in conversation training!& Pregnancy!
- Step-by-step excitement animation and vaginal cum shot go out and you can choose!
・After every time etch, the pounding Hara Hara in the pregnancy test scene!
-Harlem H, Orgy H, Triple blowjob, Masturbation, Hand man, exposure, toilet H, karaoke H, tights remain H, cheer H, etc.

<Pregnancy game work contents>

20XX years.
Japan has entered an era where it is necessary to make many children due to the problem of ultra-low birthrate.
And new life technology - fast pregnancy, fast childbirth, and life transfer technology.
In this world of crisis and technological progress, which also overlaps with the male shortage problem, you have to get many girls pregnant!
This allowed them to receive subsidized support for active sex and pregnancy under national policy.

The rule is to compete with rivals how many girls can be pregnant and given birth in the country by 1 year break.

The basic of daily life is the doero life of sex samadhi with the heroine who was selected from the country.
The more you train the heroines in conversation, the more you get pregnant and give birth in sex, the more subsidies you get every day.
In addition, the money is applied to the compensated dating fee of girls across the country, and we will get pregnant by etch with many girls.

And let's aim for pregnancy domination of more than 1000 girls across the country!

<Volume plenty of content volume!>

- The total number of erotic etch animation of the heroine 62 pieces, each 13 difference animation (total 806 pieces!)
-National female Etch anime 4 types
- The majority of other in-game graphics and backgrounds!
- There is a girl voice (voice actor team 7 people)
- 1 lap 365 days of life to clear the play time unknown!
- You can enter the name of the user you want to call to the character
- Massive song changes!
- Heroine 3 people + mob heroine 12 people + nationwide woman 1000 or more overwhelming number of characters!
- Realistic pregnancy simulation such as pregnancy probability and contraception by ovulation cycle!
- Equipped with character emotion system based on original research
- Automatic save function
- National map adopts accurate Japanese place names and places
・ Other fine gimmick mounting, there is a time-saving technique
- Operation with mouse and keyboard on PC

※After confirming the trial version, please purchase the product version

<Planning and production>

Swimming Studio














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