If you are a fighting king, it is legal to nani to a beautiful girl challenger on the ring poster
Updated 2022-08-01
Developer JSK Studio
Language original
Total size 350mb
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If you are a fighting king, it is legal to nani to a beautiful girl challenger on the ring

Original title: 闘技王ならリング上で美少女挑戦者にナニをしても合法です

In front of the champion of the underground arena, the girl says so.

Confidence in the champion victory
A faint premonition of the change of champions
The expectation of the girl being trampled
The whereabouts of the drama of revenge

With a variety of speculations, the gong of the start of the match echoes in the ring now……

【Outline of the work】
- The player becomes the "underground arena champion", fighting challenger "Nishinojo Mion", it is a battle game of command selection type to H.
- In addition to branching into several H scenes during the battle, there are 4 different endings depending on how you proceed.

-Battle scenes are command-style battles with active gauges.You can perform various tricks by stocking the gauge.
-There is clothes destruction.It can destroy uniforms, underwear, socks, etc.
-Skill points increase by the content of the battle.You can use skill points to enhance your status and earn various skills.
- The player side of the technique, there is such as "to fall", "to stun", "to provoke reverse H attack", it corresponds to a variety of H.
- The story consists of two parts, divided into 4 endings (not including bad ends) depending on the content of battles and conversations.
- All different H scenes are prepared for the ending.The H scene that I saw once can be recollected at any time.
-H scene during the battle is prepared many such as missionary, doggy style, cowgirl.There are about 40 H scenes including viewpoint differences.
・In the H scene, you can freely put on and take off uniforms, underwear, etc.Vaginal cum shot is possible at any timing.The pleasure degree of the heroine can also be freely changed.
-All the production is creampie, prepare another creampie anime for all positions.There is no such thing as "there are multiple piston scenes, but ejaculation scenes were common."
-There is a transmission section expression in many H scenes.Can be turned on/off.
- Creampie anime can be played repeatedly with a specific action in manual mode.

-This work has been produced using Unity.Please check the operation in the trial version.
-Please make sure to unzip the compressed file in both trial version and product version.It does not work properly in a state that does not decompress.
- Audio is only sound effects.
- There is a possibility to update and bug fix on an irregular basis.We strongly recommend purchasing with registered users.








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