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Updated 2014-03-19
Size 805mb
Language jap
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Girls Room Lurker

Sloppy sex in the girl's toilet - Original Full Animation!
"You can't... you're not supposed to... it's wrong! My mommy and daddy said...!!! Uhnn something's commmiinng!!!!"

"I'll tell my friends you did this!... My... my spot is so wet...! You make me so dirty... f.. fu... ***ing me hard! I'll tell my teacher!"

Boys are absolutely not allowed in the girl's toilet, but one boy got in and humps the soft fertile womb of a young girl, pluming hot ribbons of cum into her hole.
She yields to c*ck in her p*ssy and mouth with gaping ecstasy across her face.

Fellatio, oral ejaculation, creampie, female ejaculation, multiple cumshot, vibrator, tentacles, anal sex, pumping piston, triple hole violation...

Fully animated movie / game - deeper progression, harder sex scenes.
Watch her turn into a bitch slut in greater pleasure.
MASSIVE download size - long download for a big payoff!

*Please download and test the demo to confirm system compatibility.
Movie playback may vary for for Windows 7 users.
Supported for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, unconfirmed for 98/SE/ME.

Girls Room Lurker screenshotGirls Room Lurker screenshotGirls Room Lurker screenshot

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