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Updated 2016-01-18
Language jap
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Surveilling Kanojo

Every day you watch the schoolgirl next door through the windows.

The fantasy of making love to her becomes an obsession. First you befriend her,
then you send her into a deep sleep to have your way.

In fact, you've awakened her inner pervert...

She hits YOU with a powerful drug and reverse r*pes you.

This innocent girl you've been surveilling all this time... is not so innocent.

Play types
Deep kiss, cunnilingus, blowjob, missionary,
doggy style / standing doggy, 69, urination,
masturbation, vibrator, drug sex, more.
* Cumshots are nakadashi and oral

WMV movie
Loli bitch 3D animation (cel style)

Gemiko Yamada

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Surveilling Kanojo screenshotSurveilling Kanojo screenshotSurveilling Kanojo screenshot

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