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Updated 2016-02-01
Developer @OZ
Language jap
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FIGHT GIRL: Key to a Broken Hart

Resistance member T*fa Lockhart stood deep within the Corporation.
She'd managed to infiltrate her way to the core, but it was a devious trap.
The trapped heroine was drugged and, in a drunken stupor, was tortured
sexually. Her breasts heaved as her p*ssy began to glisten with desire,
a vibrator violating her hole as she was forced to service her evil
captors with her breasts and mouth. Finally she gave in.

With a c*ck in every hole, her pride collapsed in a depraved AVALANCHE...

* Amazing FFVII 3DCG anime
The high quality restraint / assault / slave MOVIE series
returns with richer story, multiple camera angles and finishing
cumshots than ever before!

* Next generation QD8 System rendering
More beautiful skin, more sensual motion, more anguished facial expressions!
EVERY technology has been revamped, upgraded or newly created for
this film: erotic ver. 3.2, skin system ver. 5, love liquid ver. 3.5 +
sex scenes animated with the all new 3S SYSTEM. (Hot!!)

Sample is below

[Product details]
EXE base
[Special formats]
WMV 16:9 854x480 widescreen
JPEG 16:9 1280x720 widescreen

[Cast /CV]
FIGHT GIRL (T*fa Lockhart): Natsu Fujikawa

Director: Dr.TESLA
Design: Satoko Matsue
Imaging: Colossus

FIGHT GIRL: Key to a Broken Hart screenshotFIGHT GIRL: Key to a Broken Hart screenshot

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