Non Stop NICONIiiiii! TRAIN poster
Updated 2018-08-12
Developer @OZ
Language jap

Non Stop NICONIiiiii! TRAIN

@OZ presents the first release of their "virtual movie 6th" series.
This time featuring that member of the idol society in that school.
This beautiful girl will be, as a result of being insistently touched,
titillated, teased and r*ped to orgasm, taken into molesters'
r*pe room and exposed to further continuing gangbang.

* She rushes into a train with hurried steps because she is getting
behind the appointed time of an important audition. There she
finds the train unusually crowded though it's a weekday noon.
Men start surrounding and molesting her. It turns out that
the men are all stalkers who self-claim to be fans of her.

With her school uniform half-undressed and mouth shut, she's
continuously molested. After she is forcibly driven into the climax
by intense cunnilingus with nipple caress, she is deeply penetrated
so that she falls down because of orgasmic pleasure of massive creampie.

After a while the molesters take her into their r*pe room, where
she will be put under their non-stop violation...

* Enjoy diverse play and angles with All play Replay
Naturally, with @OZ's signature "spurt" and "finish" buttons

* Movie select & editing options
Simply click to queue your favorite movies
Create an original movie edit of the best scenes, just for you

* Hear the heroine's inner voice in all its lewdness
Plentiful porny situations with desperate, gasping extremity
Feel the assault via male dialogue in window text, too

- Costume selectable: school uniform (lingerie) or school swimsuit
- select and editing mode features
- with sound effects / 'liquid' dynamics
- character voice is performed by Momoka Yuzuki.


Samples here:


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EXE (application)
Bonus Content
- Images x with / without text versions
(PNG format 1920x1080 image resolution)

Heroine CV: Momoka Yuzuki
Director: Dr.TESLA
Design: Satoko Matsuue
Imaging: Colossus

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