MIX FIGHT III Bone Crushing Wrestler Babe poster
Updated 2018-08-16
Developer @OZ
Language jap

MIX FIGHT III Bone Crushing Wrestler Babe

* Please take note that this product contains depictions of blood.

* @OZ presents a new label and series!
Video works at a much more reasonable pricing!
The first to crown this series is the much requested
MIX FIGHT III! featuring Bone Crushing Wrestler Babe!

Her friend has been held captive and hostage.
In order to save her, she steps into the ring.
Her opponents are two cruel cruel wrestlers...
Black Swan and Black Panther.
This was all a devious trap to bring her down.
and bring her down it will do. All the way to HELL.

Director: Dr.TESLA
Design: Yoriko Nitta
Imaging: Guardian

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