Elma's Erotic Sleep Training poster
Updated 2017-09-07
Developer LOLOL
Language jap

Elma's Erotic Sleep Training


LOLOL brings you their third Erotic XXX RPG release!
The heroine this time is a prodigy magic archaeologist, "Elma Emerson".
The two of you end up stranded on a secret island, with some strange ancient ruins......

At the most prestigious magic academy, there is a genius girl by the name of Elma.
Too bad that everyone considers her field of study, Magic Archeology, to be worthless.
For a change of pace, she heads to the eastern lands to meet her master but,
along the way a mysterious storm wrecks her ship and the two of you end up adrift
in the ocean currents...
A strange isolated island with weird settlements.
Ancient ruins and an elusively appearing / disappearing girl.
and the protagonist (you), a stuffed bear...?
Can Elma figure out the secret to the ruins and escape the island?

- Erotic leveling up system. Night time mischief = Power Up!?
- Costume Damage! (due to popular demand~)
- Quest System. For a little bit of classic RPG feeling.

Illustration: Akira Sano
scenetext: kyousui kiduki

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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