Nekomimi Nyanderful ~The Nyanventure of a Cool Maid~ poster
Updated 2016-07-07
Developer LOLOL
Language rus
Version 2.00

Nekomimi Nyanderful ~The Nyanventure of a Cool Maid~

*** Thank you for making Nekomimi Nyanderful #1! ***
LOLOL is honored by all your support leading up to the game's release.
Thanks to you, Nekomimi Nyanderful is ranked #1 for up for "upcoming titles"
and we want to pay it back with a discount launch price!
That is to say, the game is now reduced to just 1200 yen! (woot!)
And! We're going to update it with an additional event scene in the future.
(* After the update the game will increase to approximately 1400 yen.)
You can read more on our blog. Thank you very much!

* Intro
Sakura is looking for the mother who abandoned her.
In the meantime she does quests for the town Institute,
the head of which has mysteriously vanished...

* Story
When she was young, Sakura was orphaned by her mother.
Raised by her grandfather, she repaid his kindness and earned her keep
as a maid, happy and wanting for no lack...
... but she wondered about the reason for her abandonment.

In time, a traveling merchant told Sakura about the Meerpeople,
a race of feline humans whom she resembled. Inspired to find her mother,
Sakura climbed aboard the merchant's cart, and together they set off.

* Systems
- Quest system
- Costume change
- Pose art during battle

* Illustration

* Notices
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Please note that save data may not be transferable between versions.

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