Curvy Elf, Pervy Lies poster
Updated 2020-09-19
Developer MoonGlow
Rip by s-hentai

Curvy Elf, Pervy Lies

Deep in the forest, where the barrier between worlds is weakest, live the elves.
Sirwa is a girl who was born into such a world. But one day, her friend Nowa escaped outside... to the "other
world"! She was always a curious one, unlike the other elves, and wanted to see how the humans lived.

But several days passed, and Nowa never returned. After a long and difficult journey, she'd arrived at a
human village. That much Sirwa could tell with her magic, but the trail went cold.

Sirwa had no idea what to do. And that's when a human approached her. He listened to her story and offered to
take her to the village chief. There she received a warm welcome -- and the residents even gave her some
helpful clues in her search! Sirwa was so touched by the kindness of the humans.

But something about the villagers was a little off... The way they looked at her, the way they didn't seem to
listen when she was talking... and the strange men that lurked all over. Will the trusting young elf be able
to find her friend...?

Training RPG

Advance the story be interacting with villagers.

Scenario: Trefle

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