Carol in the Theme Park poster
Updated 2017-02-07
Developer ankoku marimokan
Language jap

Carol in the Theme Park

* ankoku marimokan 2nd MASCOT x ERO CG collection with MINIGAME *
A blend of loose story x hardcore sex (AVG format). Enjoy time, GO!

* Story
Meet teenie bounty hunter Carol (age: unknown).
Today's her day off. She and her mother went to the theme park.
Using her precocious wiles she persuaded mama to let her wander off alone.
What kind of playing do you she gets into?

* Minigame "Cosplay Amusements"
Pick a spot on the amusement park and and visit the attraction.
Dress up in outfits that match the attractions to see various H events.
Even if she just goes around in normal clothes, naughty things befall her!
Look forward to plenty of shame, exposure and sex training.

* Situations
piss / enema / public torture / public r*pe / sperm pool / water f*ck / slime sex / tentacles /
glory hole / petplay / toilet r*pe / gangbang / sleep sex / more

17 base works + variations for 153 total
CG mode, replay mode included

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Carol in the Theme Park screenshotCarol in the Theme Park screenshotCarol in the Theme Park screenshot

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