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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer ankoku marimokan

SNEAK IN DESPERADA [English version]

Nothing can stop this trio of BATTLE BABES & ASSASSIN GIRLS...
Except everything in this tower of literally hellish gangsters!

Charmy heroines show down against YAKUZA and TENTACLES in ankoku marimokan's new RPG:

Three girls brimming with curiosity
team up in a building that's full of gangsters!
However, the big boss of this violent HQ
has made a pact with the devil
and the girl are the intended sacrifice.
Facing massive orcs and otherworldly squids,
are these heroines fated to succumb?

The "Mid-Battle R*pe Anime System"
makes sure the assault don't stop, even during fights.
When a girl is totally defeated she's taking prisoner;
break her out in a "Total Defeat Special Escape Event"


SNEAK IN DESPERADA stars 3 unique characters in
34 base CGs (260+ total, not counting pose art!) and 18 battle animations (+ extra),
3 to 6 hours of gameplay of GIRLS GETTING REKT from captive ramming
to amateur porn, an orgy party, gut-busting birth, S&M, slave auction, bondage,
electric shock, bestiality, gushing milk, interspecies/tentacle sex, brainwashed exhibition, forced prostitution and more.

Complete the game to throw the unlock switch for TOTAL CG & H REPLAY LIBERATION!
Losing fights for the H scenes on purpose is such a pain in the ass!
It's a special kind of misery to make progress while concerned with hidden events!
Well, rest easy. SNEAK IN DESPERADA feels your feels.


Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free):

English translator: No_good_56'er

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