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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer souzai-soft


Teleporting Magician Sylvia

Ecchi is abound in this dungeon!
Welcome to the 3D dungeon RPG "Teleporting Magician Sylvia"!

- Stuck-in-the-wall
- Clothing transport errors
- Teleporting into a monster nest
- Bandit capture
- Getting duped into sex
- Assaulted during sleep.
and tons of other lewd happenings! Watch out, Sylvia!


Sylvia, a girl with a privileged and sheltered upbringing, is a magician in training.
One day, during a routine search of the forest, she becomes a bit lazy about walking home,
so she decides to use the forbidden teleportation magic.
As expected, it fails, and she finds herself inside a labyrinthian dungeon.
What more, her staff is broke, and she can no longer use powerful magic.
She hastily prepares a replacement staff, and tries to escape this monster's den.
Can she make it out safely?


- Split MP System
- Magic is divided between Notice, Intermediate, and Advanced, each with their own MP stat.
Save your strongest magic for when you need it!
- Posture Gauge System
Enemies have a Posture Gauge in addition to HP.
If it's wiped out, the enemy becomes vulnerable to damage, and their actions are restricted!
- Action Prediction System
- To some extent, you are able to predict your enemy's actions.
Use this together with the Posture Gauge system to wisely plot out your own course of action!

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