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Updated 2020-05-18
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I'm the apprentice of a world-famous alchemist. One day a merchant comes to call, bringing along a girl whose
parents had put her up as collateral. And something was wrong with her... she seemed to have no emotions...
When he goes to the capital one day, he leaves her in my care, hoping I'll be able to get back her feelings.
I tried to refuse, but there was no fighting it. And so she started living with me.
She couldn't talk, and I was inexperienced with women... but as an alchemist, I couldn't simply do nothing.

Set out on adventures and defeat enemies in random encounters to collect items you can use in the field and in bed.
Includes a mercenary system to streamline battles and experience gathering. Features 3 different locations!
Collect different items and fight new enemies in the forest, cliffs, and lakeside on your quest to restore this
stranger girl's lost memories. And when the adventure ends for the day, the game continues at night...

15 base CGs
120 total
4 endings
Approximate play time: between 3 - 5 hours.

Alchemist screenshotAlchemist screenshotAlchemist screenshotAlchemist screenshot

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