The Girl I Long For poster
Updated 2022-03-25
Developer kaminosakie
Language original  
Version 21.01.05

The Girl I Long For

Original title: The Girl I Long For

A short story pure Japanese erotic literature digital novel depicting the shame of a virgin who was seen naked by a man for the first time and the conflict of a man who has seen it.

ーSpecifications of the gameー

ー It is with save load function.

ズ Screen size is horizontal 800 × vertical 600, sound is BGM and sound effect (there is a single voice).

ま High specifications is not required, but please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before purchase.
っ Other, operation method, etc. for details, please see the "instruction manual" bundled with the work file.

てNotes about the contents of the workて

This work aimed at good "pure Japanese erotic literature" with a good aftertaste that does not concern sexual intercourse.
There is a nude scene, but there is no sexual depiction (SEX, etc.) in the conventional adult work at all.

※ This work was produced with the provision of sound effects and BGM from the following people.
う Sea [email protected]
ト Sound effect material: Pocket sound –
魔 Devil soul
◎ Let's play with free sound effects
ー Euhulka









◎効果音素材:ポケットサウンド –

Download The Girl I Long For from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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