Rock Paper Scissors with a Pregnant Woman poster
Updated 2020-11-29
Developer kaminosakie


Rock Paper Scissors with a Pregnant Woman

He was taken to hospital by ambulance.
He who is short and physique is poor is mistaken for○student, to be admitted to the obstetrics and gynecology ward whopping…

ー game specifications》

◎Various events will occur by winning and defeating the Janken.

◎There is no Save function and album mode, but once you clear"bonus mode(become invincible)"will be able to use, the event will be easy to see.

画面 the screen size is 768 × 768, the sound is BGM and sound effect (there is a single voice).

◎High specifications are not required,but please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before purchase.

注意 note about the contents of the work》
◎There are scatro elements such as depiction of excretion in the work, please be careful if you are not good at it.

◎This work is a game to enjoy the exciting situation of admission to the obstetrics and Gynecology that can not be normal if a man, and sharing room with a beautiful woman with undressing Janken, sexual activity itself will not appear, please purchase on your understanding.

※This work was produced by receiving audio sound effects and BGM from the following people.
う sea [email protected]
ン sound effect material: pocket sound –
魔 devil soul
◎Play with free sound effects
ユ euphrka










◎効果音素材:ポケットサウンド –

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