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Updated 2020-11-23
Developer Hentai Girl


The Elevator of Despair

A new year, with new friends.
The tragic heroine Kaede had gone over to her new friend's house.
However, the sudden urge to go to the bathroom comes.
And it obviously feels like [diarrhea].
She decides to rush home rather than ruin her new friend's toilet.
Little did she know that the elevator she was about to enter would lead her to despair...

A simple multi-ending ADV novel.
Will you tell your friend about your crisis situation while trapped in the elevator?
How will you end up solving the problem?
Choose the path to her demise!

Holding-it-in Pose Art - Approx. 50 variations
END animation - 3 base, 20~30 variations each (speech changes depending on route)

Artwork / Character Design: Hentai Girl
Scenario / Sound / Script: Sumisoya
CV: Aya Kuchitani

* This product depicts excretion (bowel movement / scatology). Please be warned.
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
* This product is for Windows only.
* We do not assume the responsibility for any damage that may occur from using this work.

Created with Tyrano Builder V1.80b on Windows 7 & 10
Proper operation has been confirmed on Windows 7 & 10

Resolution: 640x960

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