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Updated 2022-01-21
Developer hyper-mind Graphics
Language original
Total size 3gb
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Original title: nemeses

With the development of science and technology, mankind was at the height of peace and prosperity.However, 2 female-type giant creatures that suddenly appeared "Babel", it will be to greet the crisis of destruction by turning around.

While the AI・equipped humanoid weapon "Art Core" earns time, the AI created by AI, commonly known as "Hyper Art Core", is completed.Will she be able to kill 2 giant gods with overwhelming power and bring victory to mankind?Or......

It includes a lot of situations for size fetish such as being swallowed whole by a huge woman or being trampled.In addition, you can also enjoy the contents that stab people who stab in vulgar and unusual of our circle familiar, of course.

This work is the finale of nemeses v1.0 released free of charge in the past, v2.0 if you say.We plan to upgrade each animation to a higher quality, add new enemies, add recollection mode, add voice, and produce full voice and full animation when the game is over.
In addition, it is finished in a work that can be played without stress due to the simplicity of some systems.

If you skip the event as much as possible and just clear the game, you can clear it in about 15 minutes.There is no challenge as an RPG game.
However, if you play while watching various humiliation scenes and game over production using a total of 20,000 images, it is content that you can enjoy enough.There are a lot of maniac elements that are not in general games, so I would like you to play by all means for those who like the above situations and those who want to pioneer the propensity.





本作は、過去に無償で公開したnemeses v1.0の完結編、言うなればv2.0です。各アニメーションをより高いクオリティに仕上げ、新規エネミーの追加、回想モード搭載、ボイスの追加、ゲームオーバー時のフルボイス・フルアニメーション演出といったアップグレードを予定しております。


The game by hyper-mind Graphics is published for you by our large adult game library and is available for free to download right now. All files of this game is 3 GB. Try to play other fetish and abnormal/perverted games to find your favourite. Check out provided screenshots of the game before downloading it to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Share this game to help other players know more about it. You can find more NSFW games using search and tags.

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