The Brave Princess and the Demon Core poster
Updated 2020-09-27
Version 1.02
Rip by s-hentai

The Brave Princess and the Demon Core

Use fire and ice magic to defeat the goblin menace!
But get caught by the goblins, and you know what'll happen...

Plenty of hidden secrets to find, so make sure to explore!

Gamepad compatible, but some compatibility is unconfirmed.
Please use X-input when utilizing gamepads.

Some characters may not display correctly. If this happens, exit the menu and try again.

When her country is invaded by goblins, princess Neryute sets off to defeat them and destroy the Demon Core
that creates the monsters. Her magic was enough to prevail against any goblin... or so she thought...

Neryute (CV: Hina Ayame)


* Created using RPG Maker MV.
* Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

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