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Updated 2014-12-30
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Version 1.03

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-A treasure that grants any wish upon its holder-
This is the legend of Ahe Ahe Island, where you have come to find glory.
As you seek the treasure, you meet a mysterious young girl, Remina.
Will you find what you're looking for? What will your wish be...?

Do "battle" with over 50 f*ckable female characters!
Battle f*ck with dynamic MP and HP levels that determine when you cum -- and cumming isn't the end!
Character expressions and dialogue change as they reach orgasm. (Ahegao can be toggled ON/OFF)
Discover event CGs (27 base, 150+ total) in addition to battle f*cking!
Plus "hack and slash" your way through dungeons using items obtained by sex!

About 10-15 hours for a casual playthrough. 20 hours to defeat all bosses. 30+ hours for 100% completion.
(Playtime will vary based on difficulty level and battle speed.)

[About save data]
Originally save data was intended to be transferable between the free trial and full version of the game, but coding this has resulted in various errors. The official position is now that save data *cannot be transferred*. If you open the trial save data in the full version it will return you the title screen. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[About trial game]
The trial lets you play until you've defeated the first boss and can progress to the next area, or after 25 completed battles.

[Coming soon]
Free DLC: a spinoff mini (ero) game featuring a popular character from AheQuest!

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Download AheQuest from k2s or fboom for free.

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