Transforming Loyalties ~Powerless Explorer and NTR Attendants~ poster
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Updated 2020-08-07
Developer MAZE
Total size 830mb
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Transforming Loyalties ~Powerless Explorer and NTR Attendants~

A boy awakens in a mansion having lost his memories.
Together with three attendants, he sets off on a journey.

Main Character:
A boy who awakens in a mansion. Doesn't know who he is.

A quiet and polite girl who supports the hero.

A belligerent girl with a rough personality who seems to trust the hero.

A calm and motherly girl who seems to know the Lord of the Manor.

Lord of the Manor:
The mansion's owner, who is closely watching the party.
Sometimes turns his sadistic desires on the girls.


Give gifts to your attendants to gain their favor! You may even get some sexy rewards...

The Lord of the Manor will support you with items and more if you gain his favor,
but he is not your ally. Keep your guard up!

30 base CGs
Total play time: approximately 4 hours

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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