NTR Dungeon of Twisted Common Sense poster
Updated 2019-10-12
Developer MAZE

NTR Dungeon of Twisted Common Sense

[Story Summary]
A dungeon sealed by a hero in the past, wherein dwells a great demon.
Adventurers Shinon and Nia are tricked by the demon and venture inside.
A powerful hypnosis permeates the dungeon, and they engage in sexual activity without
Shinon gives over her body calmly, and shows her gapeface.
Believing being half-naked is normal in the dungeon,
believing semen is a precious foodstuff...
In a dungeon where these things seem like common sense,
will she be able to escape the demon's bewitchment?

Clear each point in the dungeon to proceed in this RPG
Investigate points to trigger events.

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