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Updated 2018-05-08
Developer X-TOYS
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2.09 (33)

The Promised Rosary

*** Synopsis ***

In a small church, there is a young sister named "Cecilia".
She, with the minister of the church would look after young orphans...

Among those, is a quiet and intelligent boy, "Marco".
Marco secretly harbors feelings for Cecilia,
who has always been like a elder sister to him.

Marco finds foster parents and it is time for him to say goodbye.
Cecilia and Marco get on a ship to head to his new home but...

A sudden storm sees them shipwrecked and stranded on an island
An island of no faith, no morality and plenty of lewdity...

A weak sister... a weak boy... what methods must be taken to survive?
Can Sister Cecilia successfully deliver Marco to his new home safely?

* This game has been created with a second play through in mind.
The second play through contains the 'true story'.
Total playtime: 1st: 3 hours / 2nd: 30 minutes to 1 hour

*** Protagonist Selection ***
You can choose which of the two characters Cecilia or Marco to play as.
Depending on which, some text, options and the controlled character will change.
Cecilia viewpoint: Humiliation in front of young boy.
Marco viewpoint: NTR / cuckoldry of beloved elder sister.

*** Erotic Events ***
The island that the two end up on is not the safest of places, at all...
Contains: Sexual harassment, monster and bandit r*pe, prostitution,
erotic jobs, forced exhibitionism, anal sex, bondage / restraint and more!

30 base CG (not including non R18 content) + 2 x pose art + cut ins
Upon clearing the game 100% H event unlock feature included.

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

The Promised Rosary screenshotThe Promised Rosary screenshotThe Promised Rosary screenshot

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