Wrecked to Weeping!! Cool Yumikishi poster
Updated 2016-10-13
Developer Hourglass & Pencil
Language jap

Wrecked to Weeping!! Cool Yumikishi

* Story

On king's orders, archer-knight Kureria is expected to conquer a monster, save a village and return two missing persons. Easier said than done!

Help Kureria on these quests. It seems the village elder was transformed into a demon. He enslaved the missing persons.

F*ck as a prostitute and when overpowered in battles!

Masturbation / doggy style / spread legs / girl on top / blowjob / interspecie sex / tetnacles / gangr*pe / orgy

* Day/night system with "night job" (prostitution)
* 3 different endings (four losses will earn a bad ending)
* Battle with a bow and arrow
* Harvest and crafting systems
* Doi side quests for villagers for experience and gold
* Open world map lets you go anywhere, but watch out!

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