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Updated 2020-12-08
Developer shirukiribird

Welcome to Ero Trap Town!

For summer vacation, high school girl Miyu heads to a certain village
said to contain a power spot, the statue of the Goddess of Purity.
However, after visiting, she finds a warning near the statue, stating
that prayer at the statue requires a 5 day-stay for any effect to be gained.
She figures that since she came out all this way, it shouldn't be a problem to stay a while.
Little did she know, she had fallen into an erotic trap set by the horny townspeople...

Miyu Taninaga
An earnest schoolgirl in the wind instruments club.
Loves buying hot snacks with her friends after club.
Has good grades, but is bad at PE, and cooking.

Says she doesn't like lewd things, but actually, she's quite sexually curious...
In order to purify her dirty mind, she decides to pray at the statue of the Goddess of Purity, but...

* Game features
Playtime: Less than one hour
The goal is to survive 5 days and 4 nights.
Staying at the hotel requires money, which must be gained through various means.
Includes 7 ending routes depending on ero status.
Virgin clear is possible.

Hit [Ctrl] for text-skip, and [Right click] for text hiding

* CG
22 base HCG
69 CG total including variations & non-H CG

* Gallery
All scenes can be viewed again in the Gallery after completing the game.
The Gallery can be found in the bottom right of the post-opening map.

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