Misconduct Girl Reborn Program poster
Updated 2018-04-30
Developer X-TOYS
Language jap
Version 1.03

Misconduct Girl Reborn Program

* Latest version

* Story
The "reborn program" was created to rehabilitate bad girls.

A bad girl called Ageha has been thrust into the program.

You, the player, will pilot Ageha on her course to betterment
while the world watches on live stream!

In a lewd RPG-like virtual reality, can you successfully transform
Ageha from a delinquent to a kind-hearted demure?

* Ero scenes
Failure ecchi, r*pe in town, prostitution, events at home, and more;
26 base CGs, 259 total incl. variations (not counting pose art)

* Systems
[Ranking and lewdness levels]
Completed missions will raise your ranking and H events increase your lewdness.
Attitudes, dialogue and sex itself changes dynamically with these levels.
Depending on these levels the ending of the game will change.

Enemies may ravish Ageha and get her pregnant.
Be sure to get checks at the hospital.
Birth scenes are simple text only (no artwork).

[Bawdy house and prostitution]
Sell your body for cash and use that cash get better armor.
Why the developers of the reborn program allow this is anyone's guess,
but sometimes you have to be a little naughty to afford being nice.
Go too far though and Ageha won't be rehabilitated!

[Outfit damage]
Clothes and armor can be damaged and lost. In the end she's naked.
Repair as best as you can, but after a certain point outfits become worthless.
Nudity affects dialogue.

The sanctuary where Ageha can change, masturbate, bathe and piss.

[Status screen]
Keep tabs on your sex experience.
The status screen will tell you exactly how many times you've done X.
Anal, bukkake, sex (with human or nonhuman), fellatio, paizuri, prostitution,
pissing, exposure, r*pe, type and number of partners, pregnancies...
You can also see how much money you have.

[No game over]
When you lose a battle you will be taken to a hospital.
Watch out: even the doctor might r*pe you!

[Reminiscence room]
Regardless of which ending you get, clear the game to unlock all scenes

[Other features]
Battle voice, dash, 8-directional movement, message skip, fast forward battle,
volume options, symbol encounters and more. 640x480 display.

* Notices
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

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