How to Make a Floating City poster
Updated 2020-05-15
Developer IrisField
Version 3.0.0

How to Make a Floating City


Become an acting mayor of a floating city in the air!
Encourage the growth of the city and defend your city from the enemies.
32 stages in 3 difficulty modes.

Ecchi system
1. 17 girls, all have sex scenes.
2. Make them work in the red-light district to earn money.
3. Become lovers and have her!

Illustrations: Arika Kokorono, Nanase, Otogi, Yuuki Asakura, Alexi, Takki, Shion Haru, Torahachi Dateya, Rai Shibata, Dice Hair, Biri, Take Uesaki, Sen Miyai

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