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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer Dry Dream

Temptation Coliseum

The Kingdom of Majitia is a peaceful place, but its princess longs to find a strong warrior,
infallible in mind and body. To this purpose, she orders the construction of a coliseum,
and a huge tournament with even huger gold rewards on the line.

Newbie magician Marth is from another kingdom, but decides he'd like to take a shot.

The winner will be determined over the course of 8 days.
During the course, there are chances to acquire the power of spirits,
and down enemies in dungeons to level up.
As Marth gets stronger, so too due the opponents.

The challengers will do anything to win. In the case of female combatants,
they are even willing to use their charms and seduction to grasp victory.

The heat of the competition may cloud Marth's head, but he must keep his eye on the prize.
However, it seems the real reason this tournament was help is something else entirely...

Get ready for a bad-end RPG full of seduction!

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