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Updated 2020-03-23
Developer Yumenamakonn
Rip by anime-sharing

Walking Through Paradise - Refrain

A man obtains the strength of a hero long sealed in a cave, and now angels and demons alike want his power!
And they all know the same spell -- Level Drain, which allows them to steal someone's energy by making them cum.
Will our hero be victorious against their sexual onslaught, or will he give it all up for pleasure...?

Now that he has the power of the hero, the protagonist aims to return to his village.
Along the way, he'll be assaulted by level-draining girls who want his strength for themselves...
Searching for openings in battle, the girls know just how to tempt him into their traps...
but can he resist and escape the level drain?

He has more than enough in him to put up a fight, but if you're not careful, the pleasure may be too much to resist...
and before long, his level's so far gone that he can't even defend himself...

Heavily focused on female domination and female-on-male rape.
From kissing, blowjobs, and sex all the way to aphrodisiacs and forced climaxes, there are tons of ways
to have your level stolen from you and tons of monster girls to do it...

- H scenes are partially voiced
- Can turn music and voices on/off
- Message skipping, window closer, etc
- Gallery mode
- Two game modes to cater to beginners and more advanced players
- No default name for the main character (random name possible)
- 20 base HCGs, 5 H pose arts, 5 even pose arts

Illustrations: ASE, Go-1

[Yuri] Mafuyu Hiiragi
[Charlel] Soramame.
[Suzume] Yomogi Ashitaba
[Ruby] YukiUsagi
[Mia] Akari Yuzuki

Programming: 村人A

Introduction Image, title logo: エレ(レムテイリー)

* Created using RPG Maker MV.
* Please check back for updates and bugfixes.

Ci-en page (Japanese language only)

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