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Updated 2022-06-07
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Escape from the mansion - Erotic RPG for M-

Original title: M向けエロRPG -お屋敷からの脱出-

● Story
The main character who was invited to the house by a classmate who had thought, Reiko Tachibana.It was a great feeling to be invited to the house of a favorite person, but in fact it is a trap of Reiko, it is made to eat a meal containing sleeping pills and loses consciousness, and it is confined in one of the rooms of the mansion.
Reiko Tachibana's aim is to make the main character a new pet of the Tachibana family, and try to treat it in the family as a toy that is played with sexually.
The hero who can not endure such treatment aims to escape from the mansion.I can't wait to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!...

● Main characters

主人公 Hero (name free)
Your own alter ego.
She was forced to leave the house and be treated as a pet by her classmate, Reiko Tachibana.
I aim to escape from the mansion.

麗Reiko Tachibana
She is the second daughter of the Tachibana family and a classmate of the main character.
He invites the hero to the house and plans to confine him and make him a pet and a toy.
She is beautiful, but has a strong sense of humour.
It is a collective presence among the sisters.

綾Ayano Tachibana
She was the eldest daughter of the Tachibana family.
In the sister one de S, outrageous personality like a queen.
He is also mercilessly to blame the pet, especially like the ball blame, such as gold kick.

桜Sakurako Tachibana
She was the third daughter of the Tachibana family.
He likes to have sex with people he considers to be pets.

美Miki Tachibana
She was the youngest child (fourth daughter) of the Tachibana family.
It is still a young character, but the arm of the handjob is first class and likes to play with pets.

香Kaori Tachibana
He was the mother of the Tachibana family.There is sex appeal and exudes the charm of a mature woman.
It seems to be gentle and gentle, but in fact it is de S as well as the daughters.

ドMasami of the maid head
The head of the maid who serves the Tachibana family.he's a serious personality, but he's also an S side...
He follows the wishes of the Tachibana family and stops to prevent the hero from escaping.

* All the main characters (except the main character) have defeat H event (in addition, victory H event, there are also characters with H interference character in battle).
※ Tachibana Sakurako can fight 2 times in normal battle and battle (naked) in the bathroom.
In addition to the main characters, 5 Mobmids will appear, and you can fight (3 Mobmids with H-jamming attacks, 2 are only normal battles).

-Recorded erotic scene -H technique

- Sex while being abused
(Words blame, abuse, reversal, female superior, female superiority, cum shot ejaculation)
- Footjob (2 scenes included)
・Ball attack - gold kick (many in battle interference, defeat event, etc.)
-Bath peeping
-Forced masturbation (Onasapo)
(While crouching face to tits, naked, while looking at the underwear figure, impatience play etc...4 scenes)
-Ass banging (ass Penpen)
-Color gimmick (during battle)
- Blow (jamming in battle)
-Handjobs (2 people in combat jamming use, 1 person in defeat event)
- Deep Kiss (Combat only)
- Kick Gold (combat)
- Breast tackle (combat only)

● About the game
- Open the application named "Game" in the folder, you can play with the game.
-If BGM is unnecessary, you can turn off or lower the volume in the "Options" of the start screen.If you want to hear the sound during handjob and sex well, bgm is recommended to be about 20%.
-Immediately after the opening, you can go to the recollection room from the door at the end of the corridor.If you want to see only combat and H events efficiently, if you want to see repeatedly, the recollection room is recommended.
-The combat system is close to a common RPG game, but there are some special state anomalies such as agony due to gold, erection state due to H attack, Sage time due to being ejaculated.
-When you want to see the defeat event efficiently, it is recommended to use "damage medicine" that you can buy from Tachibana Father.You can quickly lose with self-inflicted damage.
- The difficulty level is not set so high, but easy level up in the recollection room, because cheats such as money increase can be used immediately, please use if leveling is troublesome.















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