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Updated 2020-05-01
Developer Miracle Heart
Language eng
Total size 154mb
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Super flower squadron Honey Ranger

[This product description was provided by the creator.]

** Super flower squadron Honey Ranger

Professor caught in the enemy hideout
Pink honey ranger has the mission of rescuing him.
This is the world of evil spirits. A strange space in which ghosts roam.
Pink boldly breaks in to the enemy hideout to rescue the professor.

However, pink notices something strange.
The enemies are all targeting Pink's breasts and private parts.
It had never occurred to her before, but it crosses Pink's mind.
"I may be raped here. My cherry may be plucked"

Pink feels fear.
This was the first time she had felt fear since starting service at the super flower squadron.
If she is caught by the enemy, what will happen. What will be done to her?
She may be sexually assaulted until she is at the point of death, and tortured.

Honey ranger pink was an object of hate for the enemy.
If she was caught, she may face retribution for everything she had done so far.
Abuse in which not even death was permitted would start.

Even so Honey Pink Ranger would not go back!
Her determination would not be beaten. She would not sway from her convictions.
A sense of justice that would not permit evil meant that she would not curtail her advances.

** This is a shaking action game

This is not a realistic action game.
This is a gentle action in which you can enjoy sex animation where you find yourself in a pinch and erotic scenes.
If you like strategic action games, this may not be fulfilling.
You move forward by taking down strategists and monsters through punching and kicking.

If you put the level of difficulty as "difficult", the second half will get quite hard...
(You will enter the ultra-difficult stage that does not appear in the main version.)

One thing is guaranteed if you are caught by the enemy!
You will be gang-raped.
Recently, most action is 1 on 1 violation, and thinking that is not enough, we include gang rape.
These are all expressed as hand-drawn animation.

We lean towards a production where you can enjoy being in a pinch..
I think those whose loins get hot looking at squadron member Pink will understand.

There is a title song, so please listen to this.

** Trial version

Please check the operation using the trial version.
This is under development, so differs from the product version, but allows you to check the operation.
There is no need to install both the trial version and product version.

This game by Miracle Heart is available for you by and is available for free download. All files of this game is 154 MB. Try other violation and orgy sex games to find the best. Check out the screenshots of this game before downloading it to learn more about genre and gamepay. Share the link to this game to help other players know more about it. Find more NSFW games using search and tags.

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