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Updated 2020-09-10
Developer ISAmu.Room
Rip by s-hentai

Untainted Girl.

Untainted Girl. [Early Access ver,]
A game that will evolve and expand with updates, so stay tuned!

Featuring tons of ero, action gameplay with the fluidity of Str*der,
and the ease of play of Super M*rio World.

As the scale of this game is much larger than our previous projects,
we've decided to release this as an early access title to keep development going.

Worry not, your purchase will allow you download the full version when it's released.

Part 1: Currently playable stages
- Prison: 15 areas
- Rainy Sakura: 17 areas
- Ravine: 10 areas

Part 2: Stages planned for release over the course of early access
- Ravine entrance: Escape the prison island, and head out into the world
- Old Prison: A horror-esque stage
- The City: ???

Part 2 will contain lots of new ero gimmicks, and fresh content, so look forward to it!

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