Magical Girl of Massacre ~Makeup Riona~ poster
Updated 2020-05-24
Developer Miracle Heart  
Rip by mikocon

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Magical Girl of Massacre ~Makeup Riona~

This is the story of Riona Yamamoto, who is suddenly summoned to another world.
Though she was but a regular girl in the real world, here, she is a magical girl.

The witch who summoned her explains she would have died had she not been virgin.
In the next moment, Riona disappears.
The witch cackles as she eyes a dimly glowing magic circle.
Her expression suggests she is planning something nefarious...

[H scenes]

H scenes consist of cruel rape, as magical girl Riona is violated to her limit.
Her virginity taken, eggs seeded in her womb, and other hardcore assaults await her.
Hear her cries, moans, and yelps as her harrowing defeat leads her to an uncertain end.
These H scenes pack plenty of punch!

[Hand-drawn animation]

Action scenes, action rape, etc. features hand-drawn animation using over 200 images!
See breathtaking animations for your special move, and revival.
H-scenes are included for all demons, all of which can be viewed in the gallery.

[Motion animation]

Impressive motion animations are included for defeat events!
See her tits jiggle, and her ass get penetrated, as Riona is mercilessly violated by demons.

[Action game]

A side-scrolling style game, where you must guard enemy attacks,
and strike when the moment is right as you proceed through stages.
If you get struck, you'll suffer a violating defeat...


Ao Kuranami as Riona Yamamoto
Phan Masaki as Witch

Download Magical Girl of Massacre ~Makeup Riona~ from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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