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Updated 2018-01-08
Developer dieselmine
Language jap
Version 1.0

SlutWitch's Atelier

■Ver1.02 04/25

* Story
Ernes' fame is well known around the world as one of the top notch witches.
She has quite a few of great episodes like she cured the King's incurable
disease, won a war against a major nation, beat a hydra and so forth.

Among them, a particular episode has been attracting men around the world.
They say that she takes men into her atelier and samples their semen in
order to invent a new potion... And her targets are not only human but many races...

"Well...... Whose semen should I taste today..."

A sex spree Sabbath that involves other unique witches around will be held tonight......!?

* Situations
- Tastes d*cks of bandits, then takes them into her atelier to cumsuck them.

- A suntanned witch Kuro tempts an old man and give anal licking + handjob.

- A tsundere witch Styria has unwanted sex with Minotaur! Then cumsucks in pleasure!!

- Futanarified due to a failure in an experiment, Erness has threesome sex with Kuro & Styria!

- Pushes down an aristocratic boy and Gives titjob.

- Kuro pretends to be hypnotized and gives deep kiss + fellatio.

- Styria r*ped by robust orc! But sucks sperm from the orc crying in the end!

- Erotic price negotiation with a weapon dealer man! Kuro pushes him down and friction + penetration.

- Erness pops cherry of a young alchemist!

- Sex orgy Sabbath of Erness, Kuro, Styria and men!!

...... And many other erotica!!

* Characters
- Extremely Slutty Witch: Erness
CV: Miruku Amakawa
"Uh-oh, what a handsome guy. Guess he has a huge d*ck, I've got to taste him!"

With her inborn talent in magic, She is well known all over the world, despite her
relatively younger age, as the "Witch of Lewd Prison". She is as strong and sexy
as even devilish races tremble their bodies before her. One may not forget her
round breasts, suggestive witch costume and beauty once he saw her.

- Crafty & Slutty Suntanned Loli Witch: Kuro
CV: Ryo Suzuki
"*giggle* Do you want to penetrate my virgin p*ssy with your d*ck?"

A half succubus, an old friend of Erness. Owns very strong magic energy,
but being a bit lack of control of it. In need of periodical supply of men's
semen, so cumsucks men using her butts and mouth.

- A Rival Witch of Erness (self-claimed): Styria
CV: Oyama Chiroru
"What!? Did you ever say that Minotaur's semen is needed!?"

A rival witch of Erness (self-claimed). Hasn't defeated Erness so far though
she is in a witch's family line and owns strong sense of being an elite.
Tsundere type of personality as she often repels others but gets sulky when ignored.

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