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Updated 2023-02-02
Developer StudioVR
Language original
Total size 304mb
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Slave Girl Luna and the Mysterious Labyrinth

Original title: 奴隷少女ルナと不思議な迷宮

Trial version is being delivered!The browser version of the following URL is also available to play.
You can experience it immediately from your smartphone!
(Recommended browser: iOS = Safari, Android = Google Chrome)
※ Download trial version has become possible to transfer the save data to the product version.(Browser trial version is not possible)

■ Game Overview

・ The shape changes every time you enter, let's earn money in the mysterious dungeon!

-In the slave market, let's buy a naughty slave with rich personality!

- 11 characters that can be captured!
(In the dungeon also appeared H monsters!)

- The end goal is to regain the sister who became a slave!And after that there is an etch event!!

- Beautifully drawn CG!The basic CG number is 54 sheets (70 sheets with difference)!

■ Story

One day as a child, Luna, the sister of the protagonist Sol, went missing.

When she became an adult, she finally found her sister Luna, who had been sold as a slave.

The condition presented for the release of his sister Luna is "to possess 10 slaves."

In order to earn a huge amount of money, Sol decides to challenge the dangerous dungeon.

■ Dungeon overview

- The difficulty level can be selected from 3 of "Easy, normal, difficult".
 You can enjoy a wide range from game beginners to advanced players.

- You can proceed to the 50th floor of the basement.
 Each time you advance to the back, the enemies that appear will become stronger.

- Each time the hierarchy changes, the shape of the map, the items available, the types of enemies that appear, etc. will change.

■ In-game function introduction

[Event Recollection mode]
You can look back at the H scene and CG of each character.

【Event Conversation Mark】
You can see the NPCs and event NPCs that you can talk to at a glance.

【Quick Move】
You can move to any map you like with one button.(Only available outside the dungeon)

【All release switch】
It is possible to release all events and CG.

[Text function]
We have implemented text skip, auto mode, log history, and temporary window erasure

■ Impressions * bug report etc. is here please


【Production Environment】
RPG Maker MZ

※ This work is based on the picture made with AI processing, addition, we have added production.

[Plug-in creator]
Mr. Triakontan, Mr. Soryu, Mr. rinne_grid, Mr. Sunagawa, Mr. munokura, Mr. Trd, Mr. Villager A, Mr. uchuzine, Mr. munokura, Mr. panda, Mr. Ru Tan, Mr. Yana, Mr. Munokura, Mr. buud436, Mr. Jupiter Penguin, Mr. NUUN, Mr. Tsukimi, Mr. Thirop, Mr. Moghunter, Mr. nz_prism, Mr. Shigure

【Sound Effects】
The Bride of the Polar Bear


(プレイ推奨ブラウザ:iOS = Safari、Android = Google Chrome)




























Download Slave Girl Luna and the Mysterious Labyrinth from k2s or fboom for free.

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